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Sydney Food Stylist, Jane Collins, started her food blog – Sizzle and Swirl, to share her recipes and stories online.

Lets start simple and turn it into delicious. Sizzle and Swirl was born when Sydney food stylist Jane Collins, needed her own platform to store recipes, ideas and stories. Currently working as a professional food stylist, Jane Collins loves creating, testing, styling and eating simple and delicious food. She has been trained in Sydney’s top restaurants aside Neil Perry and Kylie Kwong, developing her love of entertaining and making each recipe a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.
Each Saturday Jane posts a new egg recipe on Instagram, this blog and her Facebook page. Each egg post boasts a different “style ”usually named after a person who inspired the recipe or a moment in time, or event. “This started as a simple breakfast for my daughters, and we named it.” It still continues today.
Arthurs’ Long Lunch was created when a friend sparked the idea. Through this gathering of like minded people, in a space that is light filled, unique and comfortable, I share my cooking skills with a fun filled informative afternoon. Jane says – I hope to teach, to inspire and show you how to cook simple and delicious food. Arthurs’ Long Lunch is an extension of the many long lunches I have shared with close friends and family over the years. To explore new and simple ways to enjoy cooking.

These are simple and delicious recipes that you can create at home. I love creating new recipes and the taste testers around me are always on the look out for the next post.

“I am fortunate to work with some amazing photographers and foodies, so have gathered all the information, tips and tricks I can to bring tasty and beautiful looking recipes to this blog.”

I hope that you enjoy my posts and try the recipes.