You know the feeling when you just need some flavour in your life? Week in week out, we eat the same or similar meals, on rotation, ones we know the family will love and wont get wasted. Every now and then it time to mix it up and break with tradition, and get a flavour fix.  Last week Hello fresh sent me a box of their prepared meals and recipes to try.

It was the Perfect week for it, as I was super busy at work, so when I got home, the only hard thing to do was decide on a recipe.

It was all colour coordinated in bags, which held all the ingredients that you need for that dish.

There was a really cool recipe book, which had all the recipes and step by step instructions to create your meal.They were all full of flavour  and got the thumbs up from the family.

Day 1 and I need a quick and easy recipe… we decided on the baked honey mustard chicken – this one you basically throw it on a tray and wack it in the oven… perfect choice for a Monday. the pumpkin is peeled and portioned, so all you had to do was make a few cuts and its on the way to becoming golden brown and delicious. The  honey mustard marinade was a few stirs to combine the flavours and that sticky gooey finish is perfect over fresh spinach and roasted veg.


It was fast, easy and tasty.

Looking forward to the rest of the week we cruised through the recipes, my husband had a go at the herby beef koftas, and they were my favourite, full of flavour, easy (probably because I only supervised him making them and didn’t lift a finger! ) and the couscous was delicious.


The boxes come with everything you need to make each dish, all labelled and clearly set out for you with minimal prep work. There is a few pantry items needed, but you can get those at the beginning of the week so you are all set to go, or substitute for something similar if needed.

I love that you receive everything in portioned sized packets, so you only use what you need.  Its perfect, saves on prep time too!

The best thing about the boxes was that arrived on Monday morning, and we are all set for a week of delicious meals, with no shopping or hard decisions to make. The only dilemma was choosing what we were going to cook each night. Its saved us time, energy and was the perfect week for boosting our flavour tastebuds and breaking from tradition.


Hello fresh Flavours were a life saver at this busy time of year.We actually cooked and ate dishes that were probably never on our radar. Great time savers and delicious to boot !