As a chef I made vegie rice paper rolls in one of Sydney’s top kitchens for years. We would make them fresh everyday just before service. We would always run out, madly making more to order as the night drew to an end. I based my recipe on these rolls for years, but lately I went to a dinner party where a friend of mine cooked the most amazing dinner. She cooked these vegie rolls, and I convinced her to part with the recipe. I have changed it slightly, as I had to adapt some ingredients to ones that I could find, and substituted for ingredients that I like. BUT the main thing I took for Nikki’s rolls, was the iceberg lettuce and the crispy shallots. These two elements are essential for the crunch and for the freshness!


I also adapted the sauce, and have substituted the hoisin for half kecap manis on a number of occasions. They are a little fiddly and take some time to master the rolling technique, but once you get the hang of them you will be making them again and again.  I always make extra sauce so I can serve it with the rolls as, everyone always loves a little bit of extra sauce.




Vegie  Rice Paper Rolls


Makes approx. 20

Prep time 25 minutes

Cooking time 5 minutes



1Tbsp olive oil

4 eggs, lightly beaten

220g wok ready rice noodles

250g x 22cm rice paper rounds

2 cup shredded ice berg lettuce

1 carrot, very thinly julienned

¼ cup picked coriander leaves

¼ cup picked mint leaves

½ cup crispy shallots



Hoisin Dressing

3/4 cup hoisin sauce

1/3 cup chopped peanuts

2 Tbsps grated palm sugar

1 tsp sesame oil




1 Heat oil a non stick frypan over medium high heat. Pour eggs into pan and cook for 20 seconds. Using a spatula push the eggs from one side of the pan to the other, allowing eggs to cook underneath. Cook for 1 minute till firm. Slide omelette out of pan and allow to cool, cut into slices.

2 Heat a small saucepan of water and bring to the boil. Cook rice noodles for 3 minutes till softened, drain and cool under running water. Set aside.

3 Combine dressing ingredients together in a small bowl.

4 Boil the kettle and pour approx. 2 cups water into a heat proof bowl. Dip the rice paper into hot water and allow to soften for 10-15 seconds. Place on a clean work surface and pat dry with a tea towel.

5 Assemble the rolls by placing a small amount of the lettuce, noodles, carrot, egg, a teaspoon of sauce, herbs and crispy onions into the centre of the paper. Fold one side over and fold ends in and roll up firmly to enclose. Repeat with remaining paper and fillings.

veggie rice paper rolls


5 Serve with remaining sauce.



recipe and styling by Sydney food stylist