Green leafy vegetables are a rich in fibre, vitamin, A,C,K and folate, and loads of nutrients per calorie than any other food. Good enough to keep Popeye going and going, then I am happy to follow suit. Teamed with fresh eggs, bursting with protein and a dash of creaminess for flavour from the dairy component. It’s a win win!

I want to include more of these in my diet, so I guess if I start early in the day… my daily green leafy vegetable quota is already in full swing. Add the eggs and a dash of cream and blue cheese for richness, and this breakfast has all the signs to a delicious and simple start to your day. Also great on a cool night when an easy dinner is in order. I love swapping egg dishes out for a week day dinner when the rush of life is just too busy. This method is loosely based on the coddled egg, cracking them into a ramekin or egg coddler and cooking them using a bain- marie  ( a pan half filled with water and simmering away gently to cook the eggs.) Add these eggs to your breakfast or week night menu repertoire .

eggs popeye style

eggs popeye style

recipe , styling and snap by Sydney food stylist Jane Collins 


Eggs Popeye style

Serves 4

Prep time 10 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes




2 Tbsp olive oil

1 clove garlic, crushed

150g spinach leaves

2 Tbsp double cream or thick cream

4 eggs

50g blue cheese, cubed

cracked black pepper to serve

red chilli, chopped to serve

crispy shallots, to serve.



1 Heat oil a large frypan over medium high heat. Add garlic and spinach and cook for 1-2 minutes till wilted, stir through cream and remove from heat. Wipe pan clean and half fill with hot water.

2 Place pan back over heat on medium. Bring to a simmer. Divide spinach mixture into 4 shallow heatproof dishes. Make a well in the centre for the egg.

3 Crack an egg into each hole and top with a few cubes of blue cheese. Place prepared dishes into the simmering water. Cover and cook for 9-10 minutes or till cooked to your liking. 10 minutes will still be quite soft. Keep an eye on them and remove from pan when yolk is cooked and the white is set.

4 Serve with cracked black pepper, fresh chilli and crispy shallots.

 eggs popeye style

eggs popeye style




Sizzle tip-   the water needs to be simmering gently , a glass lid is idea so you can see how the eggs are cooking, without losing all the heat, taking the lid off and on.

sizzle sub- try cooking eggs this way with a little of my tomatoes concasse  recipe.