A simple fried egg sunny side up is always an favourite in my house. This weekend we stepped up a notch and with a sprinkle of rosemary and chilli we are away ! Check out my instagram @janeecollins account for a quick video on frying these delicious fresh eggs. How can you tell if your eggs are fresh? You can see how high the yolk sits above the white, and the white holds firm when cracked. A couple of signs that this is a fresh egg. How long should you cook a fried egg for ? Read on for a quick simple recipe for fried eggs.

I have  been working on the new menu for @arthurs long lunch and we used rosemary in a sneaky surprising way. So it got me thinking about my egg posts and how to jazz them up in a simple and delicious way.

Using the rosemary sparingly, and chopped really fine, lifts the eggs to another level. I would love for you to give it a go.

simple fried eggs with rosemary sprinkle

simple fried eggs with rosemary sprinkle

recipe, styling and snap by

Sydney Food Stylist Jane Collins 


eggs rosie style

prep time- 5 minutes

cooking time 5 minutes

serves 4


1 Tbsp olive oil

8 eggs

4 slices whole grain bread, toasted

2 tsp finely chopped fresh rosemary

2 tsp finely chopped fresh chill



1 Heat oil a large frypan over medium high heat. Crack 2 eggs into a small bowl and tip into hot pan. Cook for 1 minute. Reduce heat to medium, cook for 1-2 minutes depending on how you like your eggs. You should be able to cook 4 eggs at a time. Slide them onto a plate and cover with a piece of foil to stay warm while you cook the remaining eggs. 1 minute cooking will still be runny eggs. Increase heat back to high for the remaining eggs. Cook remaining eggs.

2 Transfer eggs onto toast and sprinkle with rosemary and chilli.  Add a simple crack of black pepper if desired .

sizzle tip-  slide your eggs out of the pan and wipe the pan clean with a paper towel. Cover with foil and keep warm while you cook remaining eggs. Or if you are like my family and can’t wait slide them onto the toast, sprinkle with rosemary and chilli and dig in

sizzle sub – use finely chopped chives or parsley if you can’t get your hands on some fresh rosemary. Drizzle with your favourite sauce or tomato chutney.



eggs-rosie-style-cut There is so much yolk in a fresh eggs ! These yolks are super orange in colour and large. I love a soft fried egg.eggs-rosie-style-quarters


A few egg lovers have been trying out my recipes and I love to hear your comments and see your pictures.

Send me a picture or tag me on insta @janeecollins.  Would love to see your take on my Saturday style eggs.