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These are the sandwiches that I get asked to bring to a party or BBQ… and they always go down a treat . Yes they are on white bread, you could choose any bread you like, but to me white bread and real butter and the perfect roast chook is just such a wonderful combination. I think it takes me back to my childhood. So these are really simple and sometimes if we have had a big day and don’t feel like cooking, its a BBQ chicken from the chicken shop, and all chopped up with our favourite mayonnaise and some chives, salt & pepper, slap it between two pieces of bread and you are satisfied.I first tasted these delicious sandwiches from a friend of mine who brought them to my baby shower nearly 8 years ago. They have been on my rotating  list of go-tos ever since. The roasted almond slivers are my favourite crunch.

Use left over  roast chicken, or  I also poach 2 chicken breasts and shred the meat while its still warm, toss it in the mayonnaise and season.

Of course you can use any bread you like, I make these for my mum who is Gluten free on gluten free bread, they also make great open snacks on rice cakes or crackers.

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kaffir lime roast chicken

 Photography by Andre Martin 

 recipe and styling by Sydney Food stylist Jane Collins 

 Chicken and roasted almond sandwiches

Prep time – 10 minutes

cooking time 15 minutes

Serves 8



2 chicken breasts  from a roast chicken ( I leave the skin on )   kaffir lime roast chicken

1/4 cup mayonnaise I  use kewpie mayonnaise 

2 Tbsp slivered almonds, roasted

2 Tbsp chopped chives

sea salt & cracked black pepper

1 loaf  thick sliced white bread ( or sliced bread of your choice )

butter for spreading

1 Cut or shred the chicken breast into small pieces. Combine in a medium bowl with mayonnaise, almonds and chives, season with salt and pepper.

2 Butter each  slice  of bread and top with a few spoonfuls of the chicken mixture. Top with a bread slice and cut off the crusts.  Cut into strips.

3 Place onto a platter and serve.

Sizzle tip– Place the almonds on a tray lined with baking paper and Roast the almonds in a moderate ( 180 c°) oven for 10-12 minutes till lightly golden. Allow to cool and place into chicken mixture. You can roast a few almonds at a time, and just use the required amount. Place the unused almonds into an air tight container for  up to a couple of weeks.