boxing hollywood style eggsrecipe, styling and snap by Sydney food stylist Jane Collins


We ate smoked salmon for Christmas this year and mum gave me some  smoked salmon to take home. So these boxing day style eggs were created.The Hollywood  style is for a friend of ours who requested his eggs to have smoked salmon on them, so it was a perfect fit for my Saturday eggs. My taste tester said this was his favourite to date… But he says that every Saturday morning.   Soft  bagels that are all chewy in the middle and light toasted, seared salmon and boiled eggs… topped with a  home made spicy tomato chutney and shredded basil leaves.  I love the soft pillowy texture of the bagels when they are toasted, and topped with the creamy cheese and full flavour of the smoked salmon, it all matched so perfectly.

eggs boxing style

Serves -4

Prep time -15 minutes

Cooking time -20 minutes


8 eggs

4 bagels, split

¼ cup soft cream cheese

8 smoked salmon fillets

2 Tbsp spicy homemade tomato chutney

2 Tbsp shredded basil leaves

cracked pepper to serve



1 Place the eggs in a large saucepan, cover with water and bring to the boil, simmer for 2-3 minutes for soft eggs, or longer for hard boiled. Peel shells.

2 Lightly toast the bagels and spread with a little cream cheese on each. Heat a Frypan over high heat and sear the salmon fillets for 1 minute each side. Place on top of bagel, cut eggs into thirds and place on salmon. Drizzle with tomato chutney and sprinkle with shredded basil and cracked pepper to serve.