stove top chips

recipe, styling and snap by Sydney food stylist Jane Collins 

Potatoes  are so versatile  and they love all sorts of flavours. These ones are  basically steamed in a frypan and then fried to go all golden brown and crisp, throw in some rosemary  stalks and a couple of whole garlic cloves and you have easy no fuss chips !


Stove top chips

Serves 4

Prep time -10 minutes

Cooking time 40 minutes


6 medium sized potatoes, I use Desiree or Dutch crèmes

¼ cup olive oil

2 whole garlic cloves

2 stalks fresh rosemary

Sea salt & cracked black pepper



1 Peel and dice potatoes into 2 cm cubes.  Heat oil in  a  large non stick frypan to medium high heat and add potatoes, garlic and  1 of the rosemary stalks, stir to coat in oil. Place lid on frypan and cook for 30 minutes tossing and turning the potatoes over every 5 minutes  so the potatoes don’t stick to pan.

2 Remove lid and turn potatoes again, cook for a further 8-10 minutes till golden brown and crisp. Place on paper towel with some fresh rosemary stalks, sea with salt & pepper and serve.