PonyRider chai - set up

Recipe and styling by Jane Collins 

Do you have a tea drinking friend who would love a homemade gift this Christmas . Package up all the particulars and a little love and this one will go down a treat.Pony Rider and I gathered some old tins and a billy can to complete the gift. The chai can be freshly made and boiled on the stove top or the open fire.

PonyRider_chai hands in

Chai tea with cinnamon and spices

Serves 4

Prep time to make present- 15 minutes

Prep time for tea- 5 minutes

1 cup loose tea leaves

2 sticks of cinnamon

½ cup of Condensed milk

20  whole cloves

1 vanilla bean, split

1 To make the present, combine tea leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Wrap in a piece of muslin or linen. Tie with a piece of string. Place chai tea bag  in a  billy tin  with condensed milk.

PonyRider_Mackerel chai 3

Serve hot with a little condensed milk .