We love prawns in our house and these ones are always great when entertaining .

Try and buy the large ones, as you wont have to clip and trim too many if they are big. Trust me I bought the small ones once and I was trimming and clipping the legs for hours !

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Start with some really fresh prawns. You will need a sharp pair of scissors to trim the legs and a small sharp knife to chop the head off.

With a small sharp knife split the prawns down the middle leaving the shell intact, and not cutting all the way through.

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Flatten out with the back of a knife .

Set aside while you make the sweet chilli sauce.

Add equal parts caster sugar with white vinegar and about  5 cleaned coriander roots. Place in a small saucepan, with 1 chilli , chopped  and add a splash of water. cook over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes till slightly thickened and starting to become syrupy. Allow  to cool completely and strain. Should taste sweet with a hint of vinegar, add fish sauce and  squeeze in  the juice of 1 lime to serve.


BBQ split prawns

Serves 6

Prep time 20 mins

Cooking time- 10 mins

1 kg green prawns

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup white vinegar

5 coriander roots, cleaned and bruised, extra leaves to serve

1 red or green chilli, finely chopped

1 tsp fish sauce

¼ cup lime juice

1 Remove heads from prawns with a small knife. Trim legs with kitchen scissors. With a small sharp knife split in half lengthways not quite all the way through. Lay prawn on a flat surface shell side up. Using the palm of your hand, or the flat blade of a large knife , press prawn  flat.

2 Preheat BBQ flat plate to high and cook, flesh side down for 2 minutes, turn and cook for 1 minute. Remove onto a platter and drizzle with sauce.

3 To make sauce- cook sugar and vinegar in a small saucepan for 5-7 minutes till syrupy, add chillies and cook for 3 minutes more. Remove from heat and add fish sauce and lime juice. Drizzle over prawns. Serve with extra limes and coriander .